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Lodging services

Karstula Evangelical Institute is an education and course centre, which high-level dormitories serve also travellers. If you are travelling in central Finland with your family or friends or by yourself, please contact our school. By the lakeside in the centre of Karstula you will find a peaceful place to eat delicious homemade food and to stay in clean non-smoking rooms

Lodging capacity

  • For 90 persons in double rooms
  • Travellers lodging for about 30 persons

Prices for lodging and dining

  • (double rooms) lodging and breakfast 33-35€ / person / 24h
  • (single rooms) lodging and breakfast 46-50€ / person / 24h

While lodging at the school you have also a possibility to have a lunch or dinner from the take-out desk according to what is agreed in advance. We can also prepare in order a lunch or dinner for at least 20 persons. There are also cooking possibilities in the dormitories. The saunas will be heated when necessary.

Meetings and courses

  • lecture rooms for 20-100 persons
  • individual course center by the lake for 30 persons
  • auditorium with 183 seats (on special arrangements meeting room for even 300 persons)
  • audiovisual equipment, computers (fast Internet connection), pianos and grand piano

We have dozens of courses during the year lasting from one day to several weeks. Please, take a look at our program! We also arrange different kinds of occasions and courses in order. We can rent our rooms for anyone who is arranging a course, meeting or occasion.

Spare time

  • jogging trail, nature path, swimming beach, boats and canoes with safety equipment
  • tennis court, volley ball court, gym and exercise hall
  • good skiing trails on winter
  • on our course schedule we have

       - paddling on lakes and rapids, hiking, skiing trail trips, nature travelling…
       - everything from handicrafts: dyeing, making of hats, candle making…
       - music, traditions, arts, relationship and interaction skills…