Maahanmuuttajan Suomipolku – In English

Kuva: Canva

Read in Finnish | читай по русски

For immigrants, who

  • are in the integration phase or have been in the country for a awhile now
  • are not currently working or studying vocational studies
  • are interested in Finnish society and working life


  • You manage in Finnish in everyday situations, understand speech and are able to converse in short sentences.
  • You can also write a little about familiar things in Finnish and understand the short texts you read. The aim is to reach a basic language level during this course.

The study consists of contact and remote learning as well as getting to know Finnish society and work life. The emphasis in study and teaching is on functionality, versatility and the studies include several field-day visits in local organizations.

  • Finnish language: grammar and the Finnish language in everyday situations
  • Studies in the field of care, exercise and well-being or education
  • Study and career guidance
  • Finnish society and working life
  • Job Search studies
  • Citizen's digital skills
  • Learning by doing and other projects

For those in integration training, the training is sponsored by the National Board of Education and completely free of charge, including accommodation and meals.

For other students, there is an opportunity to apply for a Student Voucher, which covers the tuition fee. Possibility for lunch and accommodation at own cost. Ask the Office for more information.


014 525 2200 Office