Karstula Evangelical Institute

Karstula Evangelical Institute is a Folk High School in Karstula City in the Central Finland region which offers vocational education in the field of Education and Guidance, as well as free educational line studies in the fields of Education, Nursing, Sports and Well-being, and Handicrafts. We also offer immigrant education on the Finnish language and Finnish society.

We operate as a boarding school with Christian beliefs. Our school’s background community and support association consists of Evangelical Revival Movement members, as well as members from many municipalities, parishes, and organizations in our area of operation. Our mandate is to raise students’ general education and professional skills, to expand their social knowledge and to support their personal development.

At our school You can study flexibly as a full-time student, with an apprenticeship or training agreement, or with a study voucher. Because we are a boarding school You can also choose to live in a student dormitory. All our studies are paid studies that entitle to a study grant. The folk high school year doesn’t take your place in the first-time quota for applying into higher education studies.

We also offer other services and facilities for sports activities, logding, summits and conventions as well as family get togethers and other events. Please read more below.

Logding services

Karstula Evangelical Institute resides by the lakeside a walking distance away from the centre of Karstula City. In addition to our students, our dormitories also serve tourists and travellers all year around. We can also book a whole dormitory-wings for family get togethers, summits, conventions and other events as well.

If you are travelling in central Finland with your family, friends or by yourself, please contact our school about Lodging. We offer a home-like, peaceful place to spend the night in clean non-smoking rooms. Please come and enjoy the lakeside views, the beautiful greenery of campus grounds and delicious homemade food at our School Restaurant.

Lodging capacity

  • For 85 people in double rooms
  • Travellers lodging for about 25 people

Prices for lodging and dining

  • Double rooms 70€ / person / 24h
  • Single rooms 50€ / person / 24h

Price includes breakfast if the School Restaurant is open. Lodging can also include lunch or dinner, according to what is agreed when you book your lodging. There are also cooking possibilities in the dormitories. The saunas will be heated upon request.

Meetings, summits, conventions and other booked events

We offer our facilities for education, summits and conventions as well as family get togethers and other events all year around. Our dormitories are also available for the guests / attendees of your event.

We can prepare coffee and snacks, lunch or dinner for at least 20 people for your conference, summit or other booked event. Our students often offer additional program and entertainment for booked events. Please ask for more details upon booking your event.

Available facilities

– lecture rooms for 20-100 people
– individual course center by the lake for 30 people
– auditorium with 183 seats (on special arrangements meeting room for even 300 people)
– audiovisual equipment and computers, WiFi
– some rooms have pianos and the Ball room has a Grand Piano

We can also arrange different kinds of personalized events, summits and courses upon request. We have facilitated dozens of courses over the years, some lasting lasting from one day to several weeks. Please contact us for more details on booking an event.

Campus grounds and sports activities

– jogging trail, nature path, swimming beach, boats and canoes with safety equipment
– tennis court, volley ball court, gym and exercise hall
– good skiing trails on winter


Kokkolantie 12 , 43500 KARSTULA
Tel: +358 14 525 2200

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